Integration and Auto Production

Proofing in InDesign

The WebProof interface lets you send corrections directly to customers from InDesign. Customers can also correct texts themselves using the WebProof interface. The corrections are shown in the document immediately and then saved in InDesign as a new version.

Catalogue Builder

Need to produce 150 different advertisements in 15 minutes? With WebProof's  Catalogue Builder, and InDesign server and a XML file it's no problem. We have customers who have produced publications such as 32-page catalogues in no time, reducing their overall production time by 14 days.

Optimise the software

WebProof can easily be integrated with a wide range of other software: for example, InDesign with WebProof's specially developed InDesign plug-in. The InDesign Server enables you to auto-produce catalogues and edit directly in InDesign. WebProof XML also integrates your preferred marketing systems, financial and inspection software. With a single click, your assignments can be auto-published in 3D PageFlip, WebProof app, moved to your in-house printer - or sent to your digital or offset printer. The level of automation that you can achieve is limited only by your imagination.

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