One project can generate countless ideas, products and solutions, and all the associated emails, phone calls and corrections. What if all communication could be gathered in one place? Well, it can be - in WebProof!


Before your magazine hits the newsstand and gets downloaded to mobile devices, it has been through a vast number of people and procedures from briefing to final proof. All of this can be handled in WebProof.


Solution is a full-scale ad-handling system. The solution quickly progresses each ad registered in your booking system through your entire design, approval and production process. The automated process is easy and takes place in the cloud.


Webproof automates and optimises the workflow surrounding the massive graphic production process that many retail chains face every week when producing brochures for shopping centres and supermarkets.


Whether you have an in-house graphic department or use an external agency, many different stakeholders collaborate in each graphic-production process. By managing the production process through WebProof, you gain complete ownership of it.


By using WebProof, you create an online workflow for both you and your client, both in offset and digital printing. The WebProof solution can be integrated with your existing workflow, and will create a valuable overview of all on-going project. 

Full Service

Many former prepress companies today work as full-service suppliers and have experienced how much time they spend on administration of all their projects.


When an ad, article or the like is to be produced and translated into many different languages, a large number of people are involved in the production process; all of them can access WebProof with your permission. 


MedicalWebProof has, based on our certified proofing platform, been a trusted partner to the pharmaceutical industry in both Europe and the United States for many years.

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