WebProof Workflow Software

  • Automate collaboration, proofing, and approvals
  • Reduce production time by 35% or more
  • Edit, proof, and comment always on the same document
  • Save all revisions automatically
  • Know precise project progress status
  • Enjoy full scalability

18 Emails. Crazy Isn’t It?

That’s how many emails it takes – from designer to project manager to client – to process one advert change. How much time do you waste emailing back and forth for proofing and approvals? And how do you know which version is the last one?
In many companies, busy work consumes up to 80% of production time. It’s time to stop this waste.
With WebProof Workflow Software, you’ll do much better.

Collaboration In The Cloud

With WebProof you simply send a project link to proofers and clients. They open it and make changes or comments directly on the artwork or document. The intuitive interface makes adding comments a snap. Automation means it’s all saved and sent for further action or approval once you’re done. Using our workflow software one of our biggest and very well-known brands reduced production time by 35%.
Say goodbye to emails and confusion about latest versions. With WebProof your workflow moves ahead faster and smoother than ever.

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Dashboards That Tell

With WebProof you’re no longer in the dark about project progress. A campaign dashboard tells you exactly where each task stands. With colour coding, know at a glance what needs to be done and who needs to do it.
Some companies even set up a large central monitor with the workflow display. Unite your team and watch productivity skyrocket.

Fully Scalable

No matter if you have less than 10 users or thousands, WebProof increases your work/time ratio. Our platform can handle any number of comments on thousands of projects at once.

Handling The Global Workflow Revolution

Many enterprises, even small startups, have gone global. With WebProof you can manage workflow to produce ads, catalogues, packages, merchandise and more. No matter where they are in the world, everyone works on the same document and has access to status updates.

Advertisements Flow

WebFlow can handle tens of thousands of ads monthly. This includes:

  • Pre-flight
  • Zipping and Unzipping
  • File exchange
  • Automatic submission of ads for approval
  • Automated delivery of highres PDFs to printers

Even for large firms with up to 20,000 monthly ads, a team of less than 5 can handle everything thanks to WebFlow workflow software.

Catalogue And Flyer Flow

One large supermarket chain produces 1,000 12 page flyers a month. By implementing WebProof they cut production costs by €300,000 per year. Imagine creating a 50 page catalogue in 30 minutes. With WebProof, all this and more is possible.

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