Project Management Tools

  • Integrate multiple users and entities
  • View campaign overview on one screen
  • Enjoy web based access anywhere
  • Invoice accurately for all work done
  • Produce 50-100 page catalogues in under 30 minutes

Six Person Team – Multinational Clients

You don’t want to spend more on staff and expert advice. You want to get tasks completed faster. But your team is already working hard, so what options do you have? The answer: more efficient project management.
The best project management tools put everyone on the same page in real time. Our ad agency client CIMO has a team of just 6 that manages marketing for Michelin and several other large corporations. Thanks to WebProof project management tools, CIMO’s big client list just keeps growing. Yours will too.

Happily On The Same Page

Good management requires clear communication. Do you know exactly what stage your ad or projects are in, right now? Does anyone? If not, WebProof can help. With web based dashboards, let everybody know how far a campaign has progressed. Plus, see exactly which individual tasks need to be completed.
This universal vision is not just for in-house viewing. Give stakeholders access to the same information so there is no doubt where the workflow stands.

Document All Processes & Steps

Everything done on WebProof gets recorded instantly and automatically. Tasks and times are logged for everyone to refer to at any time. When it comes to invoicing, there’s no room for discussion. Improve transparency and client relationships. Get paid for every minute of work you do. That’s intelligent project management.

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One Approval

Sometimes confusion arises when many actors collaborate a project. Avoid mistakes with WebProof since only one person can make final approvals, the client. Once your revisions are made WebProof automatically sends a link to the client asking for approval. There’s no need to send an email.

The main project screen gets updated automatically to show all participants that approval is waiting. Smart project management keeps all users informed at all times and on-time.

Free From Geographic & Time Restraints

Don’t worry anymore if your client is across town or on the other side of the world. With web based project management tools, anybody can be updated, anytime, anywhere. All you need is internet access. This speeds up workflow and reduces the number of emails.
For international campaigns buyers, suppliers, marketing, project managers, and graphic designers all work on many catalogues simultaneously. With WebProof everyone can comment and approve from any place all on same platform.

Reduce Production Time From Days To Minutes

Automation is another key to successful project management. For example, the WebProof Auto Wrapping Robot can auto-produce 150 different advertisements or a 64-page catalogue in just 15 minutes. Handle large projects and land big contracts – even if your team is small.

Automation Is Innovation

Take advantage of the many other benefits of project management automation. When producing a physical catalogue for retail you can also create a Page-Flip PDF and iPad/iPhone app automatically. Multiply your work efforts in ways like never before.

We Have The Bandwidth

No matter how big your enterprise is, WebProof can handle the load. We don’t like to limit comments, so we don’t. More than 1 million ads are proofed through WebProof every year, by more than 130 newspapers. That’s not even taking into account our retail, corporate, agency, translation, and medical clients. You see, with WebProof, the sky really is the limit.

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