Proofing Tools

  • Automate and accelerate proofing
  • Reduce email clutter
  • Unify all edits & comments on one document
  • Provide web based access to all collaborators
  • Reduce production time by 35% or more
  • Improve payment and invoice accuracy

Increase Productivity With Automated Proofing Tools

How many emails do you send back and forth each day for document and artwork proofing? Tired of accumulating edited files on your computer? Who does the final approval?
These questions should have easy answers. With WebProof, you have the right proofing tools to respond.

All In One Place

WebProof lets your projects live completely online. Any collaborator can access them anywhere, anytime. All corrections and comments are made on the same document. No more downloading, saving, and re-uploading files. Never lose the most recent version again.

Make Proofing Easy

When it comes to proofing, workflow is easy and logical. Once the initial file is uploaded, everyone works on the same file. For example, your client sends you a rough sketch or outline. Your team then sets up a first draft. Pass it on simultaneously to marketing, design, content writing, or whoever else needs to know.
In every case, the collaborator receives a link. Users open the document online where changes, edits, or comments can be made for all to see in real time. The number of revisions and comments is virtually unlimited.

Smart Invoicing

Make sure you get paid for all work done. Every edit and revision is saved automatically and can be presented in report form. No more haggling about how much work a project required since it’s all there in print.

Fully Scalable

Have a small organization? No problem! You can sign up for a free version of WebProof today. As you grow, WebProof grows with you. We serve multinational corporations with thousands of proofs every month.

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Do it like one of our big clients!

One of our biggest clients has 100,000 projects and 2,000 users worldwide. They use WebProof for catalogs, packaging, merchandising, and so on. Proofs and approvals are automatically sent all over the world. After implementing WebProof, they reduced production time by 35%.

Ads & Magazines

Apply our powerful proofing tools to any sort of visual or written media. Many large newspapers, magazines, and retailers use our platform. Over 5 million pages a year are proofed with WebProof making life easier for project managers all over the world.

Easy & Versatile Commenting

With Box Markup, just draw a line around any part of the document, and a comment box appears automatically. Easily attach files and images directly to comments. Got an international team on board? Our proofing tools translate comments automatically for improved efficiency and ease of use.
Post a comment and attach it to multiple locations on the document. No more copying and pasting comments over and over again.

Direct Edits

With WebProof’s InDesign editing, make changes directly on the artwork. The proofing tool is intuitive and easy to use. Your graphic design team can make changes faster. Or reduce graphic design time by making changes yourself. It’s that simple.

Highlight Text

Tired of copy, pasting, retyping text? With WebProof just highlight the text, and it appears instantly in a comment sticky note for editing. Translation support is available for over 60 languages.

Scrolling History

Just because everyone works on the same document doesn’t mean the history of edits is gone. Scroll quickly from edit to edit. See the exact history of changes and who made them.

Intuitive Proofing Tools And Commands

Provide your team, clients, and collaborators with easy to use proofing tools. The intuitive design makes work flow smoothly.
Proofing has never been easier, faster, and more versatile. With WebProof your limitations disappear.

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