Typically, 50-100 people are involved in the proofing process, including advertisers, buyers, project managers, marketing people, graphic designers, external product suppliers and so on. With WebProof, large catalogues are produced automatically in next to no time through XML integration of the client's collection system. When producing a physical catalogue  retail chains can also create a Page-Flip PDF and iPad/iPhone app. With WebProof retail chains can reduce the production time and create a much more economical process. For example, the WebProof Auto Wrapping Robot can auto-produce 150 different advertisements or a 64-page catalogue in just 15 minutes.


With around 2,100 stores in Sweden, Norway and the three Baltic countries, ICA Group (ICA AB) is one of the leading retail companies in Scandinavia. They produce more than 10,000 different retail catalogues every year, with more than 100 graphic designers employed and over 1,000 users in WebProof. In ICA's many ongoing productions deadlines are fixed and the requirement for operational reliability is high, which WebProof has proven to everyone's satisfaction. WebProof implemented a centralised workflow, whereby many tasks were moved from the graphic artists and placed in the centralised Adobe InDesign Server such as central preflight etc.ROI on ICA's investment in WebProof was achieved within the first year.


A number of large retail groups use WebProof to produce weekly catalogues and a range other graphic material. WebProof is especially suited to this type of graphic production, where many buyers and suppliers are involved, not to mention marketing people, project managers and graphic designers, who are working on many catalogues at the same time. WebProof's Wrapping Robot automates this process and makes it easy. For example , the integration of WebProof and BAUHAUS' retail marketing software has enabled them to quickly auto-produce a 32-page catalogue. BAUHAUS catalogues are also automatically published on its website as flippable animations using WebProof's 3D PDF Flip-function.


SILVAN construction and do-it-yourself market is part of DT Group A/S, the leading retailer and distributor of construction materials in the Scandinavian region. The Group has more than 250 stores in Scandinavia and purchasing departments in Lithuania and China, creating an annual turnover of around €210 million. Through WebProof, SILVAN produces 150 different ads or posters in only 15 minutes - using WebProof's Wrapping Robot, an InDesign plug-in and XML files, it's no problem. SILVAN produces large catalogues every week, on which they have reduced the overall production time by five weeks. It all happens automatically by a single status change in WebProof.


The Danish department store Magasin is owned by Debenhams: Britain's second-largest department store chain. With about 1,000 employees and an annual turnover of approximately €295 million, Magasin is one of the largest and most recognised fashion stores in Denmark. Magasin publishes a wide range of content, from lifestyle magazines and several major fashion catalogues to ad-brochures, with the Christmas catalogue being of particular significance. It uses WebProof for graphic production of both in-house and external publications. Since many purchasers, project managers, graphic designers and suppliers are involved in the approval of pages and products in Magasin's magazines, there are often more than 100 users in WebProof per production.

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