Today people expect magazines to be accessible on many platforms, most of them digital. WebProof handles all the pre-publication procedures from briefing to final proof. It then enables you to publish your final proof to the printer and also to a website, as a 3D PDF Flip-function for mobile devices - Mac, PC, iPhone, iPad and  Android - and as an app for iPad and iPhone - all by clicking just one button. More than 300 different magazines, catalogues and newspapers all over the world have discovered the power of WebProof's workflow-management and proofing mark-up functions.

Aller Media

One of the biggest publishing houses in Scandinavia, Aller Media produces Danish ELLE and 35 other magazines through WebProof. In addition to producing the magazines, Aller also publishes digital versions of the magazines using an automated workflow designed by WebProof.
The WebProof Magazine App enables Aller's subscribers to receive their magazines automatically, while everyone else can purchase the magazines individually.
WebProof enables customers to scroll through the magazine in an online Page-flip PDF; these are also proactively used by Aller's marketing department as teasers for new releases. As an ad-handling system: WebProof has proven to be a strong partner for Aller. Both preflight and distribution of ads to the different editorial teams are done through WebProof and the Aller Ad Portal.

Klambt Verlag

The German media corporation Klambt Verlag currently consists of more than 10 companies with a collective workforce of more than 650 people. Publishing more than 50 magazines, Klambt Verlag has a yearly turnover that surpasses €100 million. Through WebProof, Klambt Verlag gets a visual overview of its workflow and all documents in progress. They can see the status of a specific page or project no matter where it is in the workflow, be it preflight, pending approval, approved or in PDF production. The many different editorial teams at Klambt Verlag love this function.

The Danish Nurses Organization

The Danish Nurses Organization (DNO) publishes Sygeplejersken (The Nurse), a specialist journal for nurses in Denmark, and Forkant, a specialised magazine for senior nurses, using WebProof for editorial content, online publishing in WebProof's 3D PDF Flip-function and much more. WebProof creates an optimised workflow for everyone involved, including journalists, photographers, graphic designers and others, and reduces the overall production time. WebProof designed and programed a special portal for DNO where external journalists and members could upload text, articles and discussion topics for the magazine. DNO also use WebProof to manage their ads. The suppliers' finished ads are received, corrected and approved in WebProof.

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