We have seen cases where the people involved in the translation of a campaign have sent and received up to 20,000 emails. With WebProof, all these people - translators, graphic designers, project managers, etc - can be granted access to the same document in the exact sequence you decide. On top of this, users can correct text directly in the InDesign file, without needing graphic skills. By applying this cloud-based software, keeping track of who's next and what has been corrected and translated is easy, because all details are saved in WebProof and can be viewed any time in the digital overview.


A global translation agency with core competencies in translation, copywriting and graphic production as well as terminology management and process integration. TextMinded has 63 employees all over the world and a large team of freelance translators, who among others help our client Bang & Olufsen. Besides its traditional translation services, TextMinded has developed a software solution they called: Word Bank. This web-based text and terminology database helps customers to create and standardise their terminology. Both TextMinded and their customers have used WebProof for many years and cannot imagine how they could run an equally economically efficient production with a similar overview.


Xplanation, a Belgian translation agency, began in 2001 as a spin-off project from Siemens' language technology department back in 1993. Since then Xplanation has developed a translation management system, Tstream®, and currently employs more than 65 people. Since 2008 Xplanation has been certified according to quality standard EN 15038, which emphasises its focus on providing quality services, such as the quality workflow WebProof applies, in which customers, such as Danfoss, can make corrections directly in the original InDesign document through its automated, web-based workflow, WebFlow. This saves both production time and costs.

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