WebProof's Newspaper Solution delivers high operational stability in all conditions. The platform stands out as one that does not stop the entire process if a problem occurs in one part of the workflow - the web-based approval process is always running. The ad handling in WebProof also it eases up the workflow surrounding the editorial processes for your newspaper and saves you time and money. More than 1 million ads are proofed through WebProof every year, by more than 130 newspapers.

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Amedia publishes many shopping centre catalogues, making use of WebProof's 3D PDF page-flip function, as well as using WebProof to handle ads. In addition to this, a weekly benchmarking report retrieved through WebProof enables Amedia to keep track of everything and adjust its processes.
By exchanging knowledge between involved users and making use of the Express User function - which enables external users to gain access to the production without having to create them as users in WebProof - the proofing time and number of proofs can be decreased. Amedia carried out a comprehensive study to compare WebProof against other document approval solutions before they came to the conclusion that WebProof is Best in Class.

Berlingske Medier

In addition to the Danish newspaper Berlingske approximately 50 newspapers in the organisation - and more than 130 worldwide - use WebProof to handle their advertisements. Every month, Berlingske Medier handles between 10,000 and 20,000, produced all over the world. The production process is completely automated - from preflight to final proof - and WebProof's vision of the LEAN principles ensure, the ads are handled efficiently, using almost no manual labour. Berlingske Medier is owned by British company Mecom Group plc. The group owns more than 250 printed titles and over 200 websites in three divisions. They reach up to 24 million readers per week and attract a whopping 22 million unique users online per month. With WebProof Berlingske can move production tasks between various suppliers around the world with a simple change of status code.

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Fynske Medier

Fynske Medier is a sales and service cooperation between two Danish publishing companies: Fyens Stiftstidende and Fyns Amts Avis. Fynske Medier uses WebProof for the approval of all ads in their newspapers, via an integration between their advertising system (MPRESS) and WebProof. Besides the different newspaper productions, Fynske Medier also owns a printing office called Svendborg Tryk. Here they use WebProof for proofing and have, with great success, implemented InDesign Correction both for the external clients and their newspapers. The ability to insert corrections directly into the original InDesign document using WebProof's web-based user interface has been a huge benefit for Fynske Medier.

North Media

North Media publishes a range of Danish newspapers including Søndagsavisen  - Denmark's most read newspaper  - Helsingør Dagbladand Nordsjællands Avis. It also operates online and advertising services and the distribution company FK Distribution. The organisation has an annual turnover of around €150 million and produces more than 30 newspapers with the help of over 500 employees. When signing with WebProof, CTO of North Media Preben Runge said:
"During our cost-benefit analysis of different ad-management solutions on the market, we focused on which solution would deliver the highest operational stability in all conditions. WebProof stood out by having a platform that does not stop the entire process, if a problem occurs in one part of the workflow, since the web-based approval process is always running.”

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