WebProof can be integrated into the workflow and will create a valuable overview of all on-going projects, which will save time. In addition, the printable log can enable you to earn more on existing business, since it can be used as documentation when invoicing. WebProof also creates a user-friendly proofing platform for everyone involved in a project. 
With WebProof, the result is no emailing back and forth to your client with minor adjustments.
You will not need to invest in new hardware or software, add-ons or plugins - just internet access.


Highlight started as prepress agency but today works as a full-service advertising agency, providing everything from concept and strategy development to finished printed and digital solutions. Highlight specialises in Danish shopping centres and the retail industry, but has a broad customer portfolio both in Denmark and internationally. Highlight has WebProof Platinum integrated with their local network so WebProof's WebFlow serves as their production workflow. This allows Highlight to provide customers with personal access to relevant tasks in the WebProof user interface. Everyone involved can make corrections directly in the InDesign documents, a solution that requires no graphical background and that is highly suitable for tables and last-minute fixes.


Lithotronic was founded as a prepress bureau but today is a full-service agency for German customers in various industries - tourism, finance, automotive, publishing, retail, restaurants and museums. Lithotronic helps their customers with a broad spectrum of services such as image editing, layout, set-up and digital proofing. through WebProof. Customers are always up to date on how far along task is in the workflow as it appears in real-time in WebProof.

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