With WebProof, agencies and their clients can avoid the never-ending stream of project-related emails. All communication and corrections happen through the WebProof interface, and people are notified when a stage of the process needs their attention. WebProof is scalable and suitable, whether your company is a small creative agency with a team of two, or a larger corporation with 20,000 employees. Because it is a cloud solution, you do not have to invest in new hardware or software or add-ons - you just need internet access.

A Big Client

One of our biggest well-known brands chose to optimise its global production flow through WebProof, enabling them to reduce production costs by up to 35%. Every day, more than 2,000 employees at this client use WebProof's workflow, WebFlow, to create anything from presentations and quality manuals to merchandise, product packaging, and catalogues, and in many languages. Their production runs are so reliable that their employees rarely use the WebProof support hotline. Their licensing, whereby different businesses all over the world are licensed to produce different products in their name, is also controlled through a function in WebProof suited to this process.


With an annual turnover of more than €83 million and over 200 employees, F&H is the largest wholesaler for hardware stores in Scandinavia. It is owned by the Norwegian investment company
Canica A/S. Canica is one of the largest privately owned investment companies in Norway and focuses primarily on sectors covering manufacturing, fast-moving consumer goods, retail and real estate. As a B2B business, F&H saw the potential in WebProof's capacity for automated catalogue production and differentiated types of marketing, which is also how they optimise their production today.


Toys"R"Us is a part of the TOP-TOY Group, the largest toys business in the Northern Europe, with almost 4,000 employees, offices throughout Scandinavia, Finland, Germany and Hong Kong, and an annual turnover of €500 million. The offices in Tune, Denmark, and in Hong Kong both use WebProof's centralised workflow, WebFlow, through which many tasks are removed from the graphic artists and placed in the Adobe InDesign Server. Despite TOP-TOY being a huge organisation, the technical implementation of WebProof only took one week - the result of a carefully planned project.

Bang & Olufsen

Bang & Olufsen uses WebProof through its translation agency. Bang & Olufsen runs several global campaigns every year, which are translated into more than 32 different languages. This type of campaign, where many versions in many languages have to be produced involves many different people: marketing, graphic designers, translators, proofreaders, local managers and many others. This makes it essential for Bang & Olufsen to have a reliable workflow - and this is where WebProof comes into play.

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