Our vision
We want to keep providing the best web-based solutions to automate collaboration and online proofing in marketing and advertising work. The "Lean Theory" inspired our desire to systematize and automate repeatable processes to improve speed and quality.

Our story
In 1998, Jakob was working as a database programmer when he first heard about the difficulties in the graphic production industry. He was working for a company that collaborated with IBM translation teams in France, Spain, and Italy. He was concerned with how complicated the proofing process was and how much time it took. A problem-solver at heart, he built a solution. It was called WebProof, and the company was established as WebProof A/S.

Today, WebProof works both as an online marketing collaboration and proofing platform and a cross-media publishing tool. By integrating with its own hot folder-based workflow, it has become the most automated workflow on the market.

Jakob Vedel Adeltoft

Jakob is a technical founder with strong entrepreneurial DNA. When he started working on WebProof, he was studying for a Master of Science in Engineering at the Technical University of Denmark. WebProof's success was so big and unexpected that he was forced quit so he could focus on this project. He has built a team of programmers with 11 nationalities, and he always looks for the best talent around the world. He lived in the United States with his family for a period to develop the U.S. branch of the company, but now he is back in the happiest nation in the world - Denmark.

Advisory Board

Jan Adeltoft

Jan is a business founder with a technical background. He has a Bachelor of Science degree. He started his career in the graphic industry, where he got first-hand experience with the pitfalls of traditional document proofing. It was apparent to him that dealing with so many emails was ineffective, making it difficult to assign responsibilities and measure progress. He also saw how difficult it was to meet deadlines. This knowledge helped him see the potential in WebProof and moved him to invest in the company.

Martin Von Haller

Martin has been the chairman of the board for 15 years, and he has helped build WebProof A/S into a powerful business. He is one of the most respected IT lawyers in Scandinavia. He co-authored the first treatise on Danish Internet Law. He also co-founded the Danish E-Commerce Association, Internet Society DK, Creative Commons DK, Danish Open Source Vendors Association, and Quantified Self DK.

Christian Anders Jørgensen

Christian has achieved amazing results as an Internet Marketer. He has increased the number of visitors to Planday's website by 2,000%. He is an expert in the area of learning from customer feedback and improving services based on that feedback.

Niels Svinding

Niels has documented how large organizations can use WebProof to optimize their graphic production and establish effective routing workflows. He contributes his expertise on process optimization and workflow design to serve large companies better. He will also help determine the specifications required for new suppliers at large organizations.

Best Startup

In 2009, WebProof was chosen as the best startup in Scandinavia by the Nordic Venture Forum.

Borsen Gazelle Award

In 2013, WebProof won the "Borsen Gazelle" award for its fast growth and stable finances.

RED Herring Top 100

In 2015, WebProof won the "RED Herring top 100" award in Amsterdam and San Diego based on its status as one of the 100 best companies in Europe with the highest potential growth.

Each year, 5 million pages are approved through 500,000 logins in 100 countries.

Each year, we handle 20 terabytes and 100 million files in the cloud.

Each year, one of our clients handles 250,000 pages in 60,000 projects with 2,000+ users who get 300,000 notifications.

We have copyright trademark protection in Europe, the United States, Australia, Brazil, China, and Japan.

WebProof has domains in 70 countries.

The company has offices in Miami and Copenhagen.

The company has AAA economic certification (less than 2% of companies have this).

In 2015 alone, WebProof has increased its number of licenses by 1,100%.

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