With WebProof, agencies and their clients can avoid the never-ending stream of project-related emails. All communication and corrections happen through the WebProof interface, and people are notified when a stage of the process needs their attention. WebProof is scalable and suitable, whether your company is a small creative agency with a team of two, or a larger corporation with 20,000 employees. Because it is a cloud solution, you do not have to invest in new hardware or software or add-ons - you just need internet access.

DDB - Gutenberg Networks

DDB, part of Gutenberg Networks - one of the largest chains of agencies - is a advertising agency that delivers everything from creative adaptations to the finished product in both the printed and digital realm. DDB France has a large number of customers that produce fast-moving consumer goods (FMCG), which means that these customers in particular need ad-based marketing, flyers, catalogues and the like. WebProof is extremely useful for this type of ad production.


CIMO is a Danish ad agency, with only six employees, that produces catalogues and flyers. Using WebProof's unique production workflow overview has enabled them to win a number of major contracts from large multinational clients.

CIMO's folder system in WebProof allowed the nordic division of Michelin to view the production status from their headquarters in Stockholm, looking at each country, divided by region and product, in real-time. While producing a 324-page catalogue for VMC Pitzner, CIMO was able to maintain a rate of one hour per page: 

"We would not have been able to produce such a large catalogue in such a short time, if we did not use WebProof for our workflow." said CIMO's owner Annette Svalgaard.

Read the Cimo case (pdf)
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The Norwegian advertising agency Centerteam was established in 2001. The agency specialised in the retail industry and works with retailers and brands throughout Norway.

More than 30 different Norwegian malls, produce and publish various marketing materials and catalogues through Centerteam, which uses WebProof.

To manage this vast number of projects. WebProof provides a perfect overview of all on-going processes, what has been approved and corrected, and by whom.


PPPI is an effective graphic design agency in Amsterdam, the Netherlands, who work with all types of customers in the capital city and region around it. PPPI has several clients, who regularly issue ad-material with constantly changing content. In this case the InDesign Correction through WebProof's interfaceis an irreplaceable function, that makes editing the brochures easy and flexible.Besides this PPPI produces marketing material for all from animal feed growers to the large holiday resort travel agent Center Parcs. Using the latest software programs and online services in the field of graphic design, including WebProof, they achieve significant results for all customers, every time.


Altavia has been a valued marketing partner for clients in the retail industry for more than 29 years and is a market leader in both Europe and China. With a focus on innovative solutions, Altavia designs both printed and digital marketing campaigns for a diverse client base.

Altavia uses WebProof for both catalogue production and ad management, which benefits the many large retail chains in their client portfolio, retailers that sell everything from food to electronics and clothing.

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