• Create dynamic online magazines
  • Easily incorporate video, images, and text
  • Provide a fully interactive and clickable experience
  • Know what readers like with hover analysis
  • Use stand alone or compliment print material
  • Enjoy for free with any WebProof account

More Than Just A FlipBook

Excite your audience with an online Flip PDF content generator. Create visually stunning magazine style content that’s easy to navigate. Generate an entire publishing campaign around our online page flip tools. Or send out enticing teasers for print, products, or other publications.
WebProof makes small firms look like advertising giants. And we make multinational corporations’ jobs look easy. Sit back and watch your conversions grow.

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Is It Expensive?

Our versatile Flip PDF function might seem like it should cost a lot. Maybe we’re a little bit crazy, but we decided to give it away for free to all WebProof subscribers. Even better, all of WebProof’s proofing and project management tools can be applied to the Flip PDF.

Powerful Proofing Functions

WebProof provides the most intuitive, easy to use collaboration and proofing tools on the market. Create, proof, comment, edit, and approve all on the same document. Share with collaborators anywhere just by sending a link. Everything is saved and viewable in real time, online. The latest version never gets lost, so don’t worry. You automatically save a scrolling history of all changes.

Free Hover Analysis

Everyone knows data analysis helps build success. That’s why WebProof gives you FlipBook hover analysis capabilities. See where people hang out when reading your online magazine. Then give them more of the same kind of content.

Hover analysis gives you intimate insight into audience preferences. This helps you direct marketing, sales, and content strategy.

Dynamic Platform

Today’s online magazines are all about engagement. Have a cool video play on the page rather than just still images. Let your readers click to move them along the sales funnel. You can even incorporate downloads within your publication. With WebProof and Flip PDF tools, you command a powerful way to build your brand identity.

User Friendly Tools

Give readers the choices they want. WebProof FlipBook tools include:

  • Thumbnail page view
  • Document search tool
  • Scrolling zoom
  • Print commands
  • Email sharing
  • Mouse controlled page focus

Movement Is More Than Video

Make your magazine presentation much more appealing with graphic movement in addition to video. Highlight titles or slide different images in and out of the viewing field. Incorporate pop outs, side bars, and a whole host of options unique to the online magazine platform. You can even have a fish tank with moving fish in it if you like.

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Cut Production Time

With WebProof proofing tools, reduce your magazine production time in half. WebProof creates an optimised workflow for all team members, including journalists, photographers, graphic designers, and advertisers. External collaborators can upload text, articles, and discussion topics for the magazine. Plus suppliers' finished ads can be received, corrected, and approved all on WebProof.
The entire project progress can be viewed from a central command screen. You see at a glance where each task stands, and if they require your attention. Contributors can also access this screen giving your production team unity and transparency.

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Intelligent Work Log

Know exactly how much work each person is doing with the built in WebProof work log. This tool automatically registers and organises work done on each project. Make billing more accurate and increase transparency between collaborators.

Million Pages approved
Million Logins
Million Page Flips
Million Notifications

No matter how big your enterprise is, WebProof can handle the load. We don’t like to limit comments, so we don’t. More than 1 million ads are proofed through WebProof every year, by more than 130 newspapers. That’s not even taking into account our retail, corporate, agency, translation, and medical clients. You see, with WebProof, the sky really is the limit.

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