Excellent Individual Tools in an Advanced System

Mark up your document

With the Box Markup function, you can easily mark up a particular area in a document - where you want to make corrections. A note box automatically pops up for you to add your comments.

Sticky Notes

With WebProof you can add comments and corrections to a document in no time. With a single click you can place a Sticky Note to point out exactly where you want your changes made.

Text highlighting

Highlight text that needs to be replaced without using Acrobat. Sounds too good to be true? WebProof is the only product on the market that includes a function to highlight text. And even better - the text is automatically copied to a Sticky Note for editing. No more retyping! - Text is supported by most languages - including Greek, Russian, Arabic and Chinese - and can automatically be translated into over 60 languages.

Make corrections directly in InDesign

You don't need to get hold of a graphic designer, every time you need to make a correction in InDesign. When using WebProof online you can correct the document yourself. The user-friendliness is top notch, helping you make corrections with no professional training needed. It's all super-easy.

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