Cross-media Publishing

Publish with a single click

WebPoof lets you publish the finished project to all involved with a single click. You can send the high-definition version to the printers and create a free 3D page-flip PDF to your customer's website to mention a few.

App Store integration

A message is sent automatically to all your app's subscribers, every time a new magazine is available. WebProof's app ensures that, only subscribers can read the magazine. Everyone else has to buy the magazine through the App Store. The magazine can be read on all Apple iOS devices.

Free page-flip PDF

You get a page-flip 3D  PDF function, which enables you to link videos and much more, completely free when you purchase WebProof - a very popular feature.  Over 10 million pages are viewed every month. WebProof's free flipable 3D PDF function is automatically accessible on Android and iOS formats.

Mobile units

WebProof automatically sends a text message to all mobile devices, when a proof is ready to be commented and or accepted. Your publication is available as a flippable 3D PDF, free of charge, and could be published automatically in Apple's App Store.

Mobile updates

Thanks to modern technology, you don't have to be at the office, in order to be of top on all current projects. We can arrange for automatic text messages to be sent to everyone involved in the project, when it's ready for the next step in the work process. This gives you both peace of mind and a fantastic overview, regardless of where in the world you are.

Send to everyone

If you want to print your project on a digital- or offset printer, you simply change the status code and the high-definition files are sent automatically. WebProof guarantees that the pages the user has approved, are the pages received by the printer. Forget about problems with multiple versions!

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