Make the Correction Phase Easier for Everybody

Proofing tools

When many people are working on the same project, many versions of the project are always in circulation. This can easily cause confusion and errors. When you work in WebProof, you're always in control of the assignment, because everything takes place online and in perfect, sorted order.

Edit directly in InDesign

Edit directly in the InDesign file via WebProof. Read more here.

Popular page-flip PDF

The page-flip PDF can feature videos and much more. Page-flip has 120 million page-flips per year.

Perfect for packaging

Especially when producing packaging, many people are involved in the process and proofing. WebProof can help you manage this as well. Sticky Notes will stay in the right place, even when you rotate the document.

Quick overview of all assignments

WebProof gives you an immediate overview of your assignment status - project for project, page for page. Many workplaces even show the overview on a large screen with live updates, enabling everyone to follow the progress of the work.

Keep the overview

View all desired corrections on your screen or print them out, and use this summary as a checklist while working. The summary gives you a helpful overview, especially when you're dealing with many corrections at once. Furthermore it can be used as voucher when billing your client.

Notification via text messages

WebProof can automatically send notifications, regarding assignment updates, which helps you to always keep on top of any changes.

Status codes

Log in and get a status overview of all current printing projects or assignments. You can also create your own status codes.

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